On November 28th 2014, the association “POLE FRANCE COFFRAGE” was born in order to offer global solutions to its customers , small to medium sized firms and major groups of Building and Public Works.

A beautiful human adventure

The 4 managers of the companies have been knowing each other’s for a long time since they work in the same branch of activity with complementary prod- ucts and services. At the origin of this project, Alexandre SOUVIGNET, Chairman and CEO of ALPHI Company and François GUILLOTEAU, Chairman and CEO of SATECO Company were soon joined by Gélase Havyarimana and Fabrice Fay, managers of BATIROC PROTECT and MILLS companies.

A basis of common value

The 4 experts in the construction industry claim their attachment to the French Manufacture. They committed themselves to maintain employment and invest on the French territory with products designed in a tradition of innovation to serve men safety on the worksites and provide a better productivity to the customers. Their working methods are similar. The customer request and worksites issues are being approached with serious and attention.

Bring more services to the customers

The 4 companies, experts in horizontal and vertical formwork, scaffolding and propping, now, offer, thanks to this association of skills and means, global and complementary solutions to the actors of construction and Building and Public Works.

Stronger for the international market

SATECO, ALPHI, MILLS and BATIROC PROTECT make it a point of honor to propose products focused on workers safety, which is typically a French feature being a competitive advantage on the construction global market. Under the banner “POLE FRANCE COFFRAGE”, the 4 partners employ 437 people, reach a turnover of 90M€, and are prepared to face the international competition, mainly on emerging markets such as China, India, Near and Middle East.

The POLE France COFFRAGE video

Discover the Pole France Coffrage, all the products of Alphi, Batiroc Protect, Mills and Sateco in 3 minutes!