Alphi Tower Elevator

Alphi Tower Elevator

A revolutionary tower erection system

The latest Alphi development in terms of propping systems is the Tower Elevator. The Tower Elevator allows propping towers to be erected unconventionally, from the top downwards, which enhances safety, ergonomics and productivity, and also makes the job easier.

A propping tower is conventionally erected starting at ground level, and then working up, through the floors. Conversely, when using the Tower Elevator, the assistants start by assembling the top level, and then progressively insert the lower levels underneath. Thus, the workers remain at ground level throughout the erection sequence: the risk of falling from height is eliminated, less physical effort is required as no element is lifted higher than the heart, and productivity is improved during both erec- tion and disassembly. Another safety factor is that the propping tower cannot be erected without all the safety systems (locking pins, frames, etc.).

Tower Elevator features

  • The Tower Elevator can be used to erect towers up to a working height of 6 metres, which covers most conventional propping tower heights. When the tower is higher, sections of 6 m can be erected, and then assembled using a crane.
  • No “licence” is required to use the Tower Elevator.
  • The system is compatible with all commercially available towers.
  • The Tower Elevator system is an Alphi patent and is certified by an independent inspection authority.

Already adopted

The objective of the “Health and safety in PBW concerns everyone” action, initiated by the Savoy PBW industrial health department, is to unite everyone involved in PBW, from the apprentice to the end customer, including contracting parties, manufacturers and building contractors, in order to mobil- ise everyone to think together about industrial safety, through communication and the sharing of experiences. The “Everyone concerned” Trophy is awarded to work site safety initiatives and solu- tions submitted. The 2014 jury, made up of the Savoy PBW SIST, the Savoy PBW Federation, the Savoy CAPEB, the OPPBTP, the Savoy DIRECCTE and the Rhône-Alpes CARSAT, awarded the “manufacturer” prize to Alphi, for the development of the Tower Elevator.

The Tower Elevator was used on the new Lyon sports stadium site (Rhône department) late last year, in the presence of the industrial health authorities, and the system’s qualities were unanimously acknowledged: “[…] The process is particularly original […]” for the Rhône-Alpes CARSAT, “[…] This new process is completely revolutionary […]” according to the industrial medical authority.