The biggest formwork panel

The MaxiDalle range is a panel type shuttering designed for large slabs, particularly adapted to the functional works: hospitals, offices, parking lots.

System components

MaxiDalle is composed of panels of: 150 x 90 cm, 150 x 60 cm and 150 x 30 cm, as well as a unique prop head allowing to handle all set-up configurations.

System features

  • The MaxiDalle system allows a productivity of 40 m2/man/day at a height of 3.20 m using the panel 150 x 90 cm of only 19 kg and only one prop plate covers all assembly configurations.
  • Compensations are realized very simply: wood to receive the cut of the plywood or the sheet steel.
  • An optimal re-use of the integrated plywood is allowed (50 re-use).
  • The MaxiDalle system can be used for concrete slabs up to 50 cm thick.
  • A version with joint for a total waterproofness is available and allows the use of auto-placing concrete.
  • MaxiDalle safety systems is usable on all 4 sides of the shuttering panel.

Like all Alphi formwork systems, MaxiDalle has been granted the “Origine France Garantie” label. Furthermore, all Alphi products are certified compliant with applicable standards by the Savoy University LOCIE laboratory.