TopDalle Eco

TopDalle Eco

Slab formwork that combines safety and ecology

The TopDalle Eco system is polyvalent and meets the requirements of all types of construction: offices, residential, retirement homes, hospitals and prisons, etc. TopDalle Eco improves safety, working condi- tions, environmental factors and usage.

System components

The TopDalle Eco aluminium alloy modular formwork system comprises props and a structure of primary beams and Eco+ secondary panels. For greater safety, the Eco+ panel enables slab formwork to be constructed that offers the characteristics of a solid panel working platform, thus limiting the risk of tripping, slipping, falling from height or falling objects.

System features

Productivity : TopDalle Eco is simple and quick to install, and provides a productivity of 30 m2/man/ day, at a height of 2.50 m. The grooved extendable primary beam facilitates layout design and limits the number of different elements on the work site.

Safety : TopDalle Eco formwork meets the requirements of the decree of September 2004, relating to falls from height, and of standards NF E 85-014 and NF X 35-109, relating to risks of tripping, slipping and falling objects, and to the manual handling of loads.

Easier working : The system is 20% lighter than equivalent conventional systems, and it also limits the manual handling of loads.

Ecology : Environmental factors have also been considered in the manufacture of the Eco+ panel frame, which is entirely in recycled and recyclable aluminium alloy. Raw material provisioning sources are selected to be as close as possible to our sub-contractors, to minimise shipping distances. The panel design also saves 25% volume when packaged.

Quality : Eco+ panels, when covered with plywood nailed to wooden plugs, allow concrete slabs of more than 60 cm to be poured, while respecting regulatory distortion tolerances. Furthermore, the shape of the frame strip limits the laitance on the vertical wall.

Like all Alphi formwork systems, TopDalle Eco has been granted the “Origine France Garantie” label. Furthermore, all Alphi products are certified compliant with applicable standards by the Savoy University LOCIE laboratory.