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Specialized in safety rails, BATIROC PROTECT was formed in April 2008 based on the idea of innovating in the design and manufacture of specific scaffolding, preventing risks of falls from a height and providing maximum safety for workers on BPW sites.

Thanks to this expertise and thanks to ongoing Research & Development investments, BATIROC PROTECT claims on average one patent a year since its creation. “We specialize in provisional protection rails, explains Gélase Havyarimana – co-founder and General Manager of the company. Every year, we file a new patent application. Most of our new developments are acknowledged by the major construction companies both within France and throughout Europe. Today, in the building industry, we are one of the very few manufacturers that submit all products to the appropriate authorities, compliant with the applicable standards.”

Indeed, in order to listen closely to the market and to anticipate in developing solutions best suited for the future, BATIROC PROTECT founded and leads a think tank that gathers clients, managers and advisors on BPW issues; all this to be and remain leader in the field of innovation and thus obtain the best technics and safety solutions.

As another factor for success, the company not only invests in areas where the risk of accidents is high and unresolved, but also makes sure its systems are certified by authorized national agencies, such as APAVE or CETIM. This process is a specificity which allows BATIROC PROTECT, in spite of the company being young and developing, to be recognized among major building companies.

Among its innovations, 3 solutions significantly contribute to the success of the company: Gémagrille® (full protection grid for elevator bays), Gémabloc® (peripheral protection rail on slab) and Mac Protect® (contact protection for masonry works on facades). These products, along with a strong tradition of innovation and excellence are the reason why the company increases its business outreach in France and abroad. In 2014, Gémagrille® and Mac Protect® safety equipments obtained the SAGERET label “Elected BPW product of the year by professionals”. BATIROC PROTECT was also awarded, in 2014 and again this year, with a certificate of a National Champion representing France in the European Business Awards (in the innovation category).

And tomorrow? BATIROC PROTECT is adopting an industrialization strategy, by choosing to repatriate production to France, while keeping the same competitive production conditions. In this perspective, BATIROC PROTECT will take another step, in 2016, by acquiring its own assembly unit.