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Learn more about Gémabloc®Gémabloc®

The Gémabloc® is a locking protection rail for tubes or grid frames. The locking system is round-section wire, 12 mm diameter, not sharp. This specificity brings a superior safety advantage when compared to same category protection rails since the round-section wire prevents risks of cutting injuries.

Learn more about Gémagrille®Gémagrille®

Gémagrille® is a provisional protection rail; a full grid protecting against risks of falls from a height in an elevator shaft or in the approaches of a bay. On a construction site, a building rises floor after floor, leaving the elevator shaft deeply gaping until the lift professional starts installing. In a nine storey building, the pit can be 30 meters deep.

Learn more about Mac Protect®Mac Protect®

Mac Protect® is a void facing contact protection system which offers an alternative to tubes or classical rail systems. It is the result of a joint venture with companies from the Vinci Construction France Group, aimed at designing a quality protection for masonry, the strength of which would not be dependent on a friable material, like the contact protections grouted on bricks that have just been laid./p>