Mac Protect®

Mac Protect®

Self-supporting contact protection | innovation 2013

Mac Protect® is a void facing contact protection system which offers an alternative to tubes or classical rail systems. It is the result of a joint venture with companies from the Vinci Construction France Group, aimed at designing a quality protection for masonry, the strength of which would not be dependent on a friable material, like the contact protections grouted on bricks that have just been laid.The system is made out of parallel poles superimposed onto each other, connected, which workers lay out on the building façade. They sustain grid panels which workers manually lift up as the building of the wall goes on. At the basis of the structure, an outside console grouted on the ground floor concrete slab, is used as a supporting base for each upright.

Therefore Mac Protect® is safely installed on the lower level, for the shuttering and pouring of the upper slab. Its self-supporting structure makes the protection stand on the slab with no structural support by the masonry. The various connecting elements pass through the joint instead of through friable material, before being secured in plugs in the concrete slab, which is the only firm base during this phase of the construction.

Technical characteristics:

Compliant with standards NF EN 13 374 (proved by design calculations) and NF P01:1988

The upright, mounted within the outside console, safely stands up until 3,80 meters high without any intermediary holding.

Composition: outside console 800 mm high (weight: 15.4 kg) and uprights 1.50 m high (13 kg). The uprights, composed of 4 parallel posts, stiffen the whole structure and are designed for ergonomic handling. The intermediate bases piece together the system and the upper floors’ slab.