Escalib Mills

Escalib Mills

Site spiral staircase with side entry/exit.

Mills Escalib is a one-piece spiral staircase with side entry and exit. The triangular step then acts as a landing. Just turn Mills Escalib until one of the steps is level with the exit zone.

Its compact footprint and joinable modules (up to 20 m high) make installation easy even on cramped work sites.

With Mills Escalib, the tradesmen can move around easily and safely.


  • Safe, easy access
    (all levels are accessible without need for adaptation).
  • Fast installation and mobility.
  • Compact footprint.
  • Only three different one-piece sections.
  • Can be moved by crane.
  • Tough and galvanised.
    (thermolacquer paint finish also available).

View in detail on the website MILLS