The inclinometer, a safety equipment to check the verticality adjustment of the panel

SATECO invites to replace the old plumb line by an intuitive technology: a safety equipment to check the verticality adjustment of the panel to formwork concrete walls with a precision of +/- 0.05°. While being handled, this tool guides and informs the operators about the slope in real time. The inclinometer is standalone tool to be positionned with a magnet, on any support.

A version included on the panel also exists; it can be combined with a manual switch positionned on the adjusting crutch or actioned by an autopilot system (tablet, smartphone). Easy to use and intuitive, this device helps to improve the quality and the safety of the formworkers’ job.

*Data 2013, National Institute of Research and Safety for Prevention of workplace accidents and workplaces diseases

The inclinometer, serenity and efficiency at work

With the creation of the inclinometer, the targets of SATECO are multiple. On one hand, this device guarantees the safety of the formwork tools stability since the operator can read the slope and check the exact position of the shutter to ensure the total stability of it.

On the other hand, validate the verticality of the panel to prepare it in its formworking position, is now possible. The sound and visual information improve widely the safety during setting up and adjustment, as it reduces the operator efforts. Thus, the inclinometer does really impact work conditions of the operators (less risk of accidents) but it also allows to avoid the products’ tipping risks and contributes to an important saving of the equipment management (less damage on the panels).

A fast and intuitive start

Just like the crane sends a signal when it is overloaded, the inclinometer on the shutter will warn a potential danger or nonconformity while setting the shutter. RED LIGHT: the panel is not vertical, the adjustment must be done through the crutches and the stability equipment must be installed before removing the slings. GREEN LIGHT: the panel is in safety area. If it is stabilized; the operator may proceed the same for the second panel to constitute the right set before concrete pouring. BLUE LIGHT: the panel is vertical.

An automatic implementation

The inclinometer is standalone device. It starts automatically: Panel position between 0° and 45°: the inclinometer is off (when the panel is in flat position or stored). Panel position from 45°: the inclinometer starts. It includes multicolor lights (or sound indications in option) which give the visual information to the operator. In case the automatic adjustment is included of the crutches, the operator will check the verticality by pressing the remote control.