Take Off

Take Off

A revolutionary tool for the horizontal Formwork: the BNOJACK BRAND telescopic supporting prop

First product of SATECO PLANCHER, created in June 2013, the Take Off is a patented device of electrical props on autonomous and synchronized battery, to raise horizontal formwork. Designed to improve work conditions, productivity, protect workers and materials ; this telescopic supporting prop, allowing a 3 tons load, is used to shutter, concrete and unshutter concrete slabs in ergonomics way, avoiding risk of falling and offering rapid operating time whatever the height of the slab to be built. At last, the universal device Take Off can be adapted to any formwork tools chosen by a company.

A patented technology for a simplified and highly precised job

The « TAKE OFF » prop is made of motorized tubes. You move the props on their wheels and it is easy to constitute a set per formworking area, the props can be coupled or separated, their stability being ensured by a system of tripods. To make easier the operation, the shutter setting height is 1.10m. According the surface to concrete, the props distribution in the formworking area (up to 150sqm) is rather simple with a maximum space of 2.50m. Once the whole set is ready, each prop Take Off rises simultaneously to ensure a flat rising of the shutter and an accurate adjustment of the height between 1.10 m and 4.00m. When the shuttering working board reaches 1 meter from the top of the surrounding walls, you can set the safety guards rails.

Thanks to the « TAKE OFF », the shuttering tool is installed in safety conditions during the 3 phases of shuttering, concrete pouring and unshuttering.

A wireless remote control system actions the “TAKE OFF” prop. It is totally independent (energy and power). Neither flexible nor power supply cable is necessary for its setting. Special racks make it easier the storage, transport, and motion between storeys.

Saving… on all storeys

This new electric prop system represents a fast return on investment. Indeed, The Take Off device ensures a wider productivity (whatever the height of the shutter is) associated to work conditions twice improved (no noise, no hammer). Super safe, the telescopic supporting prop means less broken material for the companies and wider savings on the volume of plywood to be shuttered, fewer accidents due to falls from height and falls from components when unshuttering and consequently fewer work stoppages due to illness caused by work position arms rose. Finally, this device can be used with all type of floor shutters of the market, and is adapted to all special architecture conditions.

An innovation made for the users of the construction industry

It is the INNOVATION that highlights the workers. Indeed, the surrounding guard rails can be installed in optimal safety conditions thanks to this Take Off device for the intervention of the other workers on the worksite.

The automation of this product greatly improves the quality of their workstation:

  • Optimized ergonomics to set the equipments,
  • Safety provided for the operations of shuttering, reinforcement, incorporated wiring, concrete pouring and unshuttering,
  • Positive mobilization of the workers teams thanks to the automation and the intuition of the system.

Since nuisances linked to loads and noises are strongly reduced, the workers work in a safe environment.